About Us

Mr. Organik, a renowned public figure hailing from the United States, has firmly established himself as an active YouTuber and fitness enthusiast. His meteoric rise to fame began in 2018 when he released his first album, "Memories and Legacies," which garnered immense popularity and set the stage for a string of hits. Among these were "Road 2 the Riches," "3b's Winnin'," and "The Shame," with the former breaking numerous records and cementing Organik's place as a musical powerhouse.

But Organik's success is not limited to the music industry alone. He first gained notoriety on YouTube, where he launched his career in 2014 with vlogs before transitioning to content focused on his luxurious lifestyle. His videos showcase the high-end cars he owns, offering in-depth looks at their features and functions. Organik's channel has also featured content of a more controversial nature, such as "Death Threats: Made Me Buy More Guns!!!" in which he shared his gun collection and the purchase of new firearms.

Organik's life took an even more dramatic turn when he shot a man in his friend's shop, an anecdote he shared in a No Jumper video. His friend's shop was about to be robbed when he intervened, ultimately saving the store by shooting the would-be robber.

In addition to his digital content, Organik also established a thriving merchandise business Named "Organik Lyfestyle"

Organik Lyfestyle is a unique and exciting brand that perfectly captures the bold, daring persona of its founder, Mr. Organik. The brand is defined by its exclusive collections of luxury sweat suits, jackets, hoodies, shirts, and accessories, all of which feature Mr. Organik's favorite sayings and embody his larger-than-life personality.

At OrganikLyfestyle.com, customers can explore a wide variety of stylish and high-quality products that are designed to make a statement. From eye-catching hoodies and sweat suits to trendy shirts and accessories, the brand's offerings are sure to turn heads and inspire confidence.

Organik Lyfestyle is more than just a clothing brand - it's a lifestyle. Each piece is designed with care and attention to detail, ensuring that customers receive only the best. Whether you're a fan of Mr. Organik's music, YouTube content, or simply his unique sense of style, Organik Lyfestyle is the perfect way to show your support and make a statement.