The Mission.

Our Mission Is To Create The WAV3  That Others Will Surf Forever. We Will Accomplish This Mission By Allowing Our Consumers To Become Part Of A Movement Bigger Than Themselves. Providing Them With A Sense Of Self worth,  Individuality, and Positivity, ON WAV3 Will Inspire Our Supporters To Not Only Understand But Also Fulfill Their Purpose Through The Meaning Behind Our Edgy~Innovative Collections.

The Culture.

The Key Components Of Our Culture Are Independence, Innovation, & Authenticity. We Emphasize The Power Of Free Thinking, Leadership, Escaping Society's Limitations & Setting A High Standard For Your Self.

The WAV3.

The WAV3 Is Everlasting & Embodies The Principles Of Believing In Your Self & Never Giving Up. The Mentality Of The WAV3 Is To Lead By Example & Create The Life That You Want For Yourself.

The Vision.

The Vision Is To Impact The Entirety Of The World, Leaving A Permanent Stamp On Fashion. ON WAV3's Timeless & Style Bending Collections Are Created Suitable For All.

The Story.

In January Of 2020, ON WAV3 Was Founded By WAV3POP  (Holton Vincent Buggs III & Lawal Yakubu Izuagbe) In Their Residing City Of Los Angeles, With A Goal To Become The Hub Of Modern Fashion Culture. At Its Core It Was A Collective Of Creatives, Entrepreneurs, And Visionaries, Who Truly Embodied The Values ON WAV3 Was Built Upon. This Diverse Group Combined Their Unique Skills & Talents To Create Something That Will Shape The Future. While Growing From An Idea Started In A Garage To A Fully Functional Company, ON WAV3 Will Set The New Standard.